TTT Reborn for S&Box

Hello there! I’m Alf21 from the TTT2 dev Team, a spiritual successor to the beloved TTT gamemode. A few months ago we applied for keys to start developing a Trouble in Terrorist Town version for S&Box. Sadly we never heard back from them and just today we got the news that the form wasn’t used and keys are distributed over the forums. So here we go!

We imagine a version of TTT in S&Box that is a bit like our current TTT2 for GMod but without all the old elements that make it complicated. TTT Reborn for S&Box will be a gamemode and a framework at the same time. It will be playable on its own, but easily extendable. Be it roles, weapons, or whatever. We’re aware that there are probably other teams working on a TTT version and maybe we all can all work together on this.
Taking up the latter, we already merged with one group that planned creating TTT for S&Box as well with already positive consequences (S&box TTT - #36 by 76561197986029044).

We really hope we can start soon. Therefore we’d appreciate at least one key, a key for every developer in our team would be even better though.

But now something about TTT2 for those that are not aware of it:

  • we have about 100k active subscribers on steam and 125k downloads
  • we have one of the most starred GMod related project on GitHub
  • our discord community is really active, many GMod/TTT addons that are created these days are related to us
  • in the last three years we got some joint projects with many content creators with huge audiences

About us:

  • we are a developer team of five seven, focused on an open-source community collaboration
  • from the community, for the community
  • experienced in game development and programming, including C#, JS and CSS
  • experience with project management due to years of university, work and other modding projects

Our dev team:

TTT2 features that we’d like to bring to S&Box:

(default UI)

(Integrated weapon pickup / change system)

(reworked and modern menu system with full localization)

(highly customizable with the use of UI based settings)

(dynamic colors supported through themes)

(rich display of role information)

(detailed lists of all events happening in a round)

(dynamic HUD switching / rendering)

You can find more features of TTT2 (like a shop editor, deep engine integrations, …) on our workshop page linked below.

Where to find us (TTT2 for Garry’s Mod):

What we already did in TTT Reborn (for S&Box):

Mockups of planned features:

The latter images are just mockups, this is no final version nor implemented via code.


There’s already another S&Box TTT gamemode in development.

They also have the green light from Bad King Urgrain.
Maybe you should reach out and join forces. :wink:


If you read the post you would’ve realized that they’re aware of this.


I’d love to see all the innovations TTT2 brought to the table! Love seeing work from Alf and Minetopia and everyone else from the TTT2 team!


Good work comrades :+1:


I would trust the TTT2 team to be better for this, doesnt matter if someone else is is already doing that.

but im happy to change my mind tho


that’s something I also thought to myself - TTT2 Team has a proven track-record of bringing out good work and innovating


Good luck guys, can’t wait to see your take on a S&box TTT gamemode, I hope you will come up with some great ideas like you did with TTT2


As a (minor) contributor to TTT2, I can attest to the team’s project management skills and friendliness. I wish you folks luck!


nice to see some gmod legacy make its way onto source 2 :+1:


ttt1 and ttt2 is kinda different there are much more role than ttt (like town of salem) don’t mistaken its same as original (yes it is same but actually no)


Thanks! The base gamemode of TTT Reborn will include the default roles like in TTT. Additional roles will come through addons.


Sounds quite solid; I’d love to make maps for this!


Awesome! We also already got some other people that messaged us and offered their help.

We are happy to collaborate with all of you :slight_smile:


My friends and I love TTT2, it‘s the only game we play together weekly since a year with 7-12 friends… Thank you for your work, we hope it will be even better in S&Box!


Working with the team is really easy. They helped me develop addons, answered to me and fixed bugs in mere days. TTT Reborn got to be so much more than just a simple rework with more roles, it really became a highly dynamically customizable gamemode, which isn’t as rigid as the original one, which probably didn’t intend so support many mods made by others.

Hopefully this will gather the complete TTT Community in one place <3


Was always a pleasure working with those guys, great people, very polite and skilled!


I really love the idea of you recreating TTT in S&box.
The limiting factor of your development has always been backwards compatibility.
It’s amazing how much you managed to achieve on top of the hardcoded terrortown base and I can’t even imagine how cool TTT would become when you have the opportunity to design it from scratch!


Looks great, I don’t see why we shouldn’t join forces to create something great.
I’ll get in touch.


Sounds good to me. Such a big project always needs more brilliant minds! :slight_smile: I really liked your concepts as well

Edit: I have to say I really like the base design of your UI. Looking forward to hear from you