TTT Reborn for S&Box

TTT is my favourite gamemode, and I’ve done pretty good modifications for my two servers. If you need a new hand you can sign me in.


We have a discord. If you join it and write in the S&Box discussion section that you’re interested in helping out, you’ll be given the volunteer rang. However right now our development mostly consits of internal planning. Once we can start with the actual development (after we have access to the game) we’re open to any type of contributions, be it via pullrequests or directly through us.


OMG, my favorite team of TTT devs are making a S&Box port?
You can count on me when it comes to translating the gamemode, just like last time!
Cheers :slight_smile:


Y’all definitely need some keys tbh. I’m already planning Source 2 TTT maps at the moment ngl.


Thanks for your support. But this is completely on Garry, not on us.

Edit: It was brought to my attention that this comment could be read as an attack against Garry. I assure you it is not. I completely understand why he hesitates with the keys, I just stated a fact.


Exciting news: Our team got bigger! After our initial post, we got into talks with the other TTT team. We decided it would be best for the community and us to join forces and create the best possible player experience together. This also means that the approval by Bad King Urgrain for this TTT project applies to the newly formed one as well.

You might also already guessed it due to the name of the post, but we also have chosen a new name for the gamemode: TTT Reborn: Trouble in Terry’s Town.

While we don’t have access to the game yet, we used this time to get started with the general stuff needed for this gamemode. This means that all shown ‘in-game’ pictures are just mockups that aren’t rendered in-game. The following list describes the current state of the project.

Logo ideas

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Suppose you have ideas or want to contribute to the design process. In that case, you are invited to join our Discord server and participate in the discussion.

UI progress

Project management

In our joined meetings, we defined general goals. We thought about increased community interactions based on experiences achieved in our previous modding projects.
We got our organization and repository set up:

Planned roadmap

  1. Implementing a functional static TTT prototype (What is currently possible?)
  2. Implementing additional interfaces and making TTT modular (What are the planned features?)
  3. Creating add-ons that communicate with those interfaces (Do these interfaces fulfill their purpose?)

Community contribution

We were overwhelmed by the waves of positive feedback and criticism created by our initial post. There were many heartwarming comments and motivated people that want to invest their free time into our project.

The newly created section on our discord server already sparked loads of interesting discussions and ideas about the future of TTT Reborn. There already were quite a few compelling ideas for the UX, maps, and different types of HUDs.

Not so innocent greetings
- The TTT Reborn Team

Choose one thing that you’d like to see first or write a comment with a further idea
  • editable shops / in-game weapon config
  • custom role system
  • custom win conditions
  • map based settings

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Do you have any further ideas of systems that should be high on our priority list? Are there any items or gadgets that you’d like to see as an addon for TTT Reborn? And what about roles? Are there any roles you’d like to see back as an addon for the planned gamemode? Or even completely new ones?


Great work on the UI guys, looks super clean!
Hope you get a key soon so you can get to work on this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! I think for the logos/icons, a much simpler one like the one seen in the ‘Scoreboard_V0.2’ picture would work perfectly fine, I think the others are over-designed and the one shown in that picture is great.

Also, even now that it’s called “Trouble in Terry’s town” I hope you still keep the in-game roles of terrorist, traitor, detective, etc. and also allow the models to be changeable so people can make the playermodels much more like the original TTT with either porting of the old ones or porting some of the newer CSGO ones.


We keep the names innocent, traitor and detective, yes.

I’m also not exactly sure which icons you’re talking about. If you mean the bottom right icon next to the health points: This is from the original S&Box screenshot.

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Nice :slight_smile: it would suck if either for political correctness or to make it gel with the more cartoony vibe of S&Box you were to change it from it’s Trouble in Terrorist town roots. I meant the red cube with ‘TTT’ on it, I think that’s a great icon/logo for the game, it’s simple, but evolves upon the original TTT icon/logo.

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It has nothing todo with political correctness. We wanted to keep the abbrevation TTT while also being different enought. Trouble in Terry’s Town was perfect to us. Additionally YouTube and Co tend to demonetize things with the word “Terrorist” in it. So we wanted to circumvent this.


Oh no I totally get what you mean, I think it’s fine to change the acronym as long as it stays as TTT and stuff, plus I also think Trouble in Terry’s Town is perfect and a great coincidence, I was just wondering about how far it would go beyond that, but it seems you’ve answered the question.

Regarding my previous comment about the class names, what I mean when I said “Terrorist” was in the tab menu where it shows “Terrorist(s? I can’t remember), Missing in Action, Confirmed Dead, Spectators, etc.”. That’s what I mean. I love the title “Trouble in Terry’s town” as a title for your guys conversion of TTT to S&Box, I just hope the history isn’t scrubbed from the game, not that the story/lore of TTT is super deep, I just care about it as a long-time fan.

Edit: After looking at your screenshots again, the term ‘Alive’ instead seems perfectly fine imo, I don’t mind it, but hopefully people get the option to change the default playermodels to the previous ones.


Hello guys, Im the UI guy of the team. These are the most recent images:





Side shop (concept)
We also thought about having a light/dark mode for the UI. This could look like this:


Your feedback is always welcome! :slight_smile:
Ill keep you updated.


It’s best if you deal with it now: Terry’s not only THE face of s&box, he’s also a more interesting playermodel in the sense that you can personalize his outfit to make him look different.

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Yes, I really like this. Maybe we can even add a menu to customize Terry. While it’s not comparable to a full playermodel selector, it is a neat gimmick

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I mean I guess it’s ultimately up to the servers to do one or the other, but the possibility exists.

Papa Brickolini even made a terrorist looking outfit:


I think I’ve already seen this one in a different gamemode thread.

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It’s from his Guerillaz gamemode.

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I agree that a customisable Terry menu would be awesome, but I also think everyone would agree that the option of a playermodel selector would be great aswell.

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