TTT Reborn for S&Box

well, ain’t murdering family friendly?

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Murdering - Fun for the whole family!


Hi everyone, I’m Matthew, one of the members of the team.

We’ve managed to secure keys for our entire team, so a huge amount of work has been recently going into this project. Here’s a quick update video I uploaded on my personal channel to showcase some of the progress. It’s already a bit out of date since we’ve added quite a bit since the time of the recording.


Great work and really happy for the team getting keys!


Looks good. I know its early days but has the team discussed the topic of Holstering weapons? id say its one of the best mod enhancements to vanilla TTT.

If you didn’t know it lets you see the primary gun of someone one their back when not held and/or their secondary on their hip. So instead of people basically being able to pull a deagle out of thin air you have a basic idea of what they are packing ahead of time. This is useful information to pretty much any role in the game.

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Wow. Super happy you guys have all got keys now, the progress you’ve already made looks great!

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I’m working on my own version of something like TTT / guess who / etc… the idea is pretty common in gaming.

But if you are using the terrorist theme, please name them correctly… Innocents in a terrorist village can exist, but so can terrorists. Then you have the traitors, who are actually good guys trying to take down the terrorists…

My version is called Behind Enemy Lines and is an example game-mode for my framework but that won’t limit the scope.

Two things, first dont try to advertise own stuff if you dont want to suggest some ideas for TTT Reborn and second this joke comes from the beginning of gmod and the team decided to go for trouble in terry’s town instead, so there are no terrorists anymore. Besides who is innocent or a traitor always depends on the viewpoint. What one sees as terrorist another one might claim to be a freedom fighter.


I didn’t provide links or anything and I offered a suggestion and you shot it down. No worries.

Okay, your message just triggered me. Itjust felt as if you didnt read anything from the above. Because the team decided to not use the terrorist theme anymore. :slight_smile:


BadKing himself has stated that in retrospect he wouldn’t have called TTT what it came to be known as, but not that it would matter anyway, as its entirely immaterial to the game itself. It was only called that because they were using CSS Terrorist team models, but thats not even universally the case in gmod TTT. Theres no role called “Terrorist” and it has literally no bearing on the gameplay if there are terrorists in it or not, or if its called one thing or another.


We got some more stuff done since the last post!


  • Added optional stamina / sprint system
  • Added voice chat + team voice chat
  • Added free spectator cam, third person spectator cam and first person spectator cam
  • Added spectator support to most of the UI components
  • Added damage indicator UI component (damage-relative)
  • Added countdown support to the perks
  • Added radar perk (item)


  • Refactored the project
  • Reworked the chat + added team chat
  • Reworked team mechanic
  • Improved the magneto stick
  • Extended inventory system and added slot restrictions
  • Extended the post round screen component
  • Improved the scoreboard + scoreboard groups
  • Improved and added data to the inspect menu
  • Improved damage detection (velocity based falldamage, added drowning damage)
  • Improved the shop (does not require created items anymore)
  • Improved inventory selection and moved perks to the weapon selection
  • Improved the flashlight


  • Fixed predictions
  • Fixed weapon spawning in edge-cases
  • Fixed network issues

Source (as always): GitHub - TTTReborn/tttreborn: Trouble in Terry's Town gamemode for the Source2 game "s&box" by Facepunch.

Not so innocent greetings
- The TTT Reborn Team


Great work you guys! Glad to see the project coming along nicely!


when are you adding Hatsune Miku skinsuit to the T shop

Are you planning to support S&Box’s VR mode? The update logs are great btw

TTT is a classic gamemode, and while there is nothing particularly wrong with the new UI, I would love to be able opt for the legacy UI.

There is really no way we will reimplement the crap UI from the classic TTT gamemode. Feel free to do so by yourself.

This is coming along so good, I cant wait to play as TTT was my favorite and this new UI is so nice.

I just wanted to mention an issue i get each glance. It’s when you pickup the body and that transparent center-screen box appears with some details the inspect menu, Well since the menu has a green border that is such a similar green to the INNOCENT & health box. I get a sensory overload and it makes it hard to focus on the inspect menu info because my brain keeps tying the 3 greens together when In fact the inspect menu dialog is a separate entity of information. but the issue is here you have related them by color you see what I’m saying? If you just removed the green border and kept it transparent it would be easier to look at, The INNOCENT green text inside the inspect menu in the corner is enough communication.

Just sayin :doughnut:

The entire UI is getting an overhaul and a facelift. Many features are getting a rework, the inspection menu included. This issue has been addressed in the rework. Stay tuned!


What about making AI for TTT2? Because it’s already in gmod like addon (Steam Workshop::Trouble in Terrorist Town Bots -REVISED-)