TTT| Recording with Source TV

Hi guys,

I am trying to setup Source TV in a game of Trouble in Terrorist Town to record the whole of the rounds for later video editing purposes.
Source TV has been setup on the server end fine (tv_enable, tv_record etc etc), I’ve managed to move the spectator for Source TV into spectator mode permanently and appear to be recording correctly but the problem is during playback.

What I am aiming to do is playback the demo and be able to switch between everyone’s first person’s perspectives in the game but also have the ability to still use free roam to possibly set up camera smooth events, something I know is completely possible within CS:S or TF2.

What I am finding is however when playing back through the demo file, I can only free roam and not go into first person view on any players.
The UI, huds and messages still all appear just fine as if you were spectating live inside the game as it was happening.

Am I recording it wrong so that it is not recording the first person data, is there a command you can force it into first person? (“firstperson” command does not work) or is there away to bring up the HUD like it does in TF2 or CS:S to switch between characters.

I will really appreciate any help people can provide as this is driving me and a few other people nuts on how to fix it



I didn’t think SourceTV even worked in GMod since it’s not using lua.

Hi danjono,

I’m in exactly the same position as you. Unfortunately, for all the things I’ve tried, I’m no further ahead.