TTT round ends after 0.1 seconds, even with round length set higher.

I was just mucking around with my server and now ttt is locked to a round time of 0.1.

The log is here:
Trouble in Terrorist Town - Round Events Log


00:00 | Game | The round started
00:01 | Timelimit | The traitors ran out of time and lost!

This is with a new install as well, I can’t figure out why this is happening.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check your config and add ttt_roundtime_minutes 10

I already have that in there, it still doesn’t change it sadly.

This is not always recommended but just go to garrysmod / garrysmod / gamemodes / terrortown / gamemode / init.lua and modify the base file to the time you would like the round to end. Also check that you haven’t done anything strange with the haste mode conVars.

Restart your server and you should be good.

I did mess around with the haste mod cvars, but I have reset that all, I guess I’ll just grab the original files off github then.