TTT Round Glitch?

Sorry I am a little out of the loop with gmod13 and TTT at the moment. Been really busy with work for the past 3 weeks and just now have time to work on the servers again. I noticed that the rounds most of the time do not go down. For example if its set for 6 rounds then a mapchange it will stay at 6 after each round ends. And to top it off sometimes it will be on round 4-5 then it will go back to 6 =X. I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue or have seen anyone else with this problem.

I am using the SVN version of TTT revision: 828

And the SVN version of ULX revision: 63

Also what version of TTT should i be using the SVN or the one included with gmod13?

thanks for any input!

Saw this up on the Zombie Master TTT fourm, fix should work, had multiple people say its fixed theres servers up, i am going to inplement tonight when my server dies down. Bad king did say he was going to look into it this weekend, so soon the SVN will be fixed up soon.

You are a life saver thank you my man!

He Didnt Save Your Life Bitch

Another way to work around this, my amazing staff member coded a new timer that works on its own in the server with the votemap so no matter what, after 6 rounds it will activate.