TTT Round win music

Hi does anyone know how to make a win round music?

I know all you lua experts know how to do this.

If anyone can help me out i’ll give them $3 paypal.

You don’t need to pay anyone for doing this job. The answer has been given dozens of times and only takes a few seconds to code.
Here’s ONE to start.


Feel free to add me on Steam. I made one in addon format which specifies win music per team.

In the future, if you post a job please post here though:

What sound files does this use .mp3 ???

You can define whichever sounds… mp3, wav, whichever the user/game supports.

mp3 and wav are the two primary source engine sound files.

Hmm i did everything that the plugin above told me to do and the music don’t work

Here’s the one I just sent him:

You can define 1 to many sounds to play, and they’ll play randomly.

Yes this guys works the other one in the steam workshop one does not