TTT running really fast.

Every time I go on to a TTT server I run really fast and rapid fire with my shotgun. I always get banned for “hacking” but it just goes like this. I think this might have some relevance to overclocking my cpu but I am not sure. Any help?

Your own specs have nothing to do with it. It must be something serverside.

It’s like this on all servers. It seems like its trying to pull me back to a legit location (so i lag back and forward)

Any console errors, like invalid positions?

Thanks for the help code_gs but I found a fix. I just underclocked my cpu to factory clock and singleplayer and multiplayer are fine. Strange…

That’s really odd! May I ask your CPU stats/what you overclocked it to?

You didn’t overclock it through a program but the BIOS, right?
If you overclocked it through a program, that can seriously damage your CPU and mess your computer up.

I’ve had a similar problem, except just in PERP rather then TTT. Was awkward - same solution too!

I forgot how I OC’d it but I don’t OC much anymore (good PC dont need dat OC yaknow) so I can’t really recall/test what I used.

You get into BIOS by starting your computer up and spam DEL, F1, whatever your PC used until you come into a really ugly user interface where you can modify CPU and RAM clockrate, voltages, etc.

Yeah, I know how to use the BIOS now but back when this happened to me (i’d say april 2012) I had no idea waht I was doing :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for (trying to) help!