TTT Scoreboard add level error

Sorry to bother, I’m trying to add levels to the scoreboard TTT my server.

I do not speak English, I’m from Argentina Spanish language, I am using a translator for this.

I am trying to add levels of players in the scoreboard of TTT.

But he failed to do, I’m way too novice.

Eh tried this.

STEP 1: This code is showing the level

STEP 2: Add the translation in english.lua

STEP 3: Add a text table in scoreboard “Level” or Level in spanish.

At the moment everything is going well, now problems arise when I edit SB_ROW.LUA.

STEP 4: Add the level value in scoreboard

Error in game: In the console I jump error at line 34 of file sb_row.lua

Right where I added the function

POST EDITED, REASON: Now it’s more understandable, I do not speak Spanish translator use, eh So what made this way.

If you will help me on this, I am eternally grateful.

Saludos desde argentina / Greetings from Argentina.

You have to insert the code, with the text tool “CODE”.
In other pon the error that appears in the server console, and client.

Tienes que poner el código, con la herramienta del texto “CODE”.
A demás pon el error que sale en consola del servidor, y la del cliente.

Edited, Sorry for my bad english.

Should be levelup.getLevel( LocalPlayer() )

Problem solved, apparently I was using an old version of Trouble In Terrorist Town.

Como actualizo la versión del TTT?

Delete your terrortown folder and verify your game/server.
(Eliminar la carpeta terrortown y verificar su videojuego / servidor.)
Me PM si necessitas ayuda

Lo verifico con el STEAM Update?

PD: No puedo enviar mensajes privados, como los activo.

Muchas gracias.

Yes, and SteamCMD if the problem is on a server.
(Si, y SteamCMD si la problema es en un servidor)