TTT scoreboard addon is unable to index global values

I have bought a scoreboard recently, and apparently the developer of it is entirely inactive and is not responding to tickets. I know I probably should have taken a look first before buying it, but there were no comments nor reviews on it being broken. After I said something though, another person seemed to have the same issue. What the leaderboard consists of is the addon itself, and then replacing ttt gamemode scoreboard scripts. It’s basically a complete replacement for the default scoreboard.

Here is the addon:
And here are the errors given when trying to load it:

Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this? (without looking at the script if possible, as im not sure how serious this error is)

-snip, bad reading-
We can’t so much without the code.

I kind of figured. I’m not sure how much of it posted is considered ‘leaking’ as I don’t want to do that, since that’s not my intention. If that were the case, who exactly can I get some minor help from besides the non-existent developer?