TTT Scoreboard Ranks and Colors

I have tryed soooo many tutorials on how to display scoreboard ranks and colors and I have been reseaching how do it for ever, and every time i try it the code is out dated or the tutorial is to comlicated.

What would help is for someone to post the entire code i put in each file and tell me where that file is loctated, also I want it to display their ulx rank (i.e VIP, Admin, Owner)

The most of the scoreboard rank codes are not outdated at all.
And just a heads up, no one is gonna help you if you start with “what i need”.


This is a thread I made a while back.
I dont think anyone can explain it more detailed than they did in that post.
Im still using this code for my server.

I tryed that many times any nothing seemed to work.

THANK YOU, this was a great help! :smile:

also, note that you do not need to add a steam id every time
here is my scoreboard color code

it should work well as a guideline for going beyond just admin and super admin ranks and colors and show you how to add more lines.

local namecolor = {
       default = COLOR_WHITE,
       admin = Color(220, 180, 0, 255),
       dev = Color(0, 100, 255, 255),
       test = Color(220, 0, 0, 255),
       member = Color(50, 255, 0, 255),
       owns = Color(255, 105, 180, 255),
	   mvp = Color(240, 234, 214, 255)
    function GM:TTTScoreboardColorForPlayer(ply)
       if not IsValid(ply) then return namecolor.default end
       if ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:0:xxxxxxx" then
          return namecolor.owns
	   elseif ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:1:xxxxxxxx" then
          return namecolor.mvp
       elseif ply:IsUserGroup("vip") then
       elseif ply:IsAdmin() and GetGlobalBool("ttt_highlight_admins", true) then
          return namecolor.admin
       elseif ply:IsUserGroup("superadmin") then
                    return namecolor.test
       elseif ply:IsUserGroup("member") then
                    return namecolor.member
       return namecolor.default

here is where the groups are defined.

if ply:IsUserGroup("superadmin") then
            elseif ply:IsUserGroup("admin") then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(Color(220, 180, 0, 255))
            elseif ply:IsUserGroup("vip") then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(Color(0, 100, 255, 255))
            elseif ply:IsUserGroup("user") then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(Color(255, 255, 255, 255))
            elseif ply:IsUserGroup("member") then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(Color(50, 255, 0, 255))
            elseif ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:0:14539426" then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(color(255, 105, 180, 255))
			elseif ply:IsUserGroup("mvp") then
                    self.cols[5]:SetTextColor(Color(240, 234, 214, 255))