[ttt server] Add playermodels to list of playermodels randomly chosen each round (same for everyone).

I’m not any lua code expert to any stretch of the imagination; I can read it, but only to a certain extent. I seek an addon or lua code that I can implement into my locally hosted Garry’s Mod TTT server that will add more playermodels to the list of playermodels randomly chosen for everyone in the server each round. The list that chooses one playermodel for everyone on the server to have for one round that includes the counter strike models. I know lots of “random player model” codes exist, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Those codes make every player on the server have a different playermodel each round, I’m looking for something to add more models for everyone to have the same one each round.

I feel that a large dynamic to TTT is that everyone looks similar. If a group of people that look the same are standing in a room and one of them runs away without being seen, nobody can really tell who it is unless they were paying attention. I really want to keep this kind of dynamic to the game while also adding more playermodels to the server. Like stated above, I would really love for someone to help me find/ make a lua code or addon that adds more playermodels to the initial list of playermodels that the server picks and dictates each player to reflect.

I don’t really think this is necessary, but just as an incentive if someone can help me reach my goal in a timely fashion and the final product is extraordinary, I am willing to give a small cash reward in return via PayPal.

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me figure this out; I already know how to set up everything else (workshop.addfile and file organisation) it’s just that I can’t figure out how to add more models to the list, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t treat me like I don’t know anything about hosting servers. Also, I haven’t had the best experience in the past on facepunch and I would appreciate it if anyone who doesn’t have anything to contribute, please just move on…

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Wow, I’ve been playing with that set of lines before, but now that you have pointed out that there’s where I should look; I did some more research in that area and found what I needed.