TTT Server Addons

i need some help plz could someone me how to add addons on my TTT server like pointshop and a music player if u know any i would be glad to know a good music player addon too thanks
plz help me learn how to add them on my TTT server

You grab the addon from wherever you downloaded it to and drop it inside the garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/ folder.

In your case:

thanks brandon but thts not really what i meant i meant tht i wanted to be able to link pointshop with ttt
i heard we had to do something with lua and well i need pointshop to be usable in ttt same for music player thanks plz reply guys :slight_smile:

What do you mean “link” it? You need to be more specific in your descriptions.

by tht i mean only being able to use pointshop in my TTT server online not only me but everyone tht plays on it thanks plz reply

He told you what to do, you don’t do it on your client, you do it on the dedicated server.

oh ya thankss tyler and brandon on more thing do u know any good music player for a gmod server?

WolfDJ is a good music player but requires a webserver. So just go on and look up ‘music’ or variations of that word.