TTT Server After Update

Hello, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same bugs as me. One of the problems that I am getting is that my server is crashing and my other problem is that not all the mounts are working in the server.

Crashing, yes

Mounting issues, no

Had no major problems so far. A client said they crashed but that could be anything. The one thing that I noticed that did not work was slaynr (Slay next round) command on a person when we changed map it stooped the server from starting the round it just stayed in preparing. But it was an easy fix other than that no problems.

Crashing, I did get some mounting issues. Certain CSS things which are usually solid, are not. The mount file is fine, maps load. Just some CSS props from what I’ve observed.

Same thing happened to me. Users can now no collide through some css props. gmod seems to have broken the collision with the new update.

Can you give me a specific prop on a TTT map that does this please. I would like to test this out because I have not seen this behaviour after the update, and you guy’s should check your mount configuration in case it got wiped.

I’ve noticed this occuring on the Metal Shelves, like this:

Its definitely not all props, but that’s one example I’ve seen on my server.
Also weapons that reference the CS:S mount view model (v model) no longer reload properly (instant reload bug) so I’ve temporarily switched them to the GMOD c models, which have no hands, but at least that’s better than the reload bug.

CSS isn’t mounted on your server probably.