TTT (Server) Certain CVars Missing

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, and I don’t think I’ve posted here before, but I’ll just get right into this:
I’m currently trying to get a TTT Server running, and to be fair, it runs perfectly fine without issue. I am, however, having some issues getting specific CVars to work. The server.cfg can be found HERE. This is the output of the console:

(Sorry it’s an image, I’m having issues copying out of the console and the log files are nowhere to be found).
It’s not all of the vars I’ve set, but it’s some of them. I checked specifically inside the source of TTT, and I see that they are created inside of the init.lua file, so I don’t know what going on. Should I define them elsewhere, or is this a bug?
EDIT: I did have quotation marks, but removed them, thinking they might help(they didn’t)

I bet the convars are being registered after the server.cfg is ran. Try manually execing the server.cfg from console after the server has fully loaded and see if any errors occur.

Is there a specific command to do that, or can I just copy-paste it into the console?

exec server.cfg

Oh, thank you, I’ll try that.

Edit: Same messages pop up when executing server.cfg, so that’s not the issue.

OK, I found the issue. I had my “gamemode terrortown” inside of my server.cfg file. It has to be in game.cfg to change before the game loads.