TTT Server Csay Access

So just like 30 seconds ago someone on my server was using Csay command to ghost. I have QAC and no other commands were being used. Only me and supers have access to Csay. No other commands were being used and all of my addons are up to date. Has someone gained access to my ULX? How?

Post FULL list of your mods.

I have a simple list of them:
qac (current version)
All of these are as up-to-date as they can be

I’d check your ulx logs to find out who did the command.


Looking at your addons, I am running all of those on my server and we have been problem free. Perhaps one of your supers are just impatient and they are ghosting to get the round to end?

None of my supers were on at the time and only I have RCON access

People are pretty shifty and can easily get through to the RCON unless that exploit was fixed.

Well even if they did I would see who’d accessed any part of my server. It has IP and Email logs about who accesses what tab and when. I saw nothing

I think you are confused here. You are talking about the NFO Control Panel.

Oh yeah I’m a bit on the stupid side. Anyway, is there an exploit I should be worried about? Should I change my RCON pass?

If you don’t use RCON, just disable it completely.

Do you use the command line to set an rcon pass or do you use server.cfg? Use command line to do it instead of server.cfg

Alright. Thanks