TTT server dead without Evolve. Need clarification!

So our server had plug-ins on evolve. Custom weapons, admin commands, etc… When Gmod13 came in, it completely wrecked our server and evolve was ruined. We’ve had to change to basic ULX which is clunky and doesn’t support any of our plug-ins.

It’s been weeks, but I can’t find another about Evolve being worked on. Is Evolve dead? What could be done instead?

Direct SVN:


The “original” evolve isn’t being updated anymore I think. Last update was pulled 16 May.

Please note this is a modified version of Evolve since the original isn’t being maintained.

The last update for the first one was in October. Same with the workshop, it’s old, and our moderator says it’s still riddled with bugs :frowning:

Did you try it anyway? Your moderator could be wrong I don’t know. I can’t confirm it works since I’m using ULX and will keep it that way:)

Well, we had plug-ins like giving a steam id if someone leaves to the admins, pshooooes, !cexec commands, gauss rifle and poison dart gun plug-in. And they’re not working with the new evolve, it just floods the chat with lua errors.

The “giving a steam id i someone leaves to the admins”… Look in console, cexec is implemented in ULX.

I should ask our admin exactly what’s wrong, but he’s very confident with lua. And he’s certain even the newest incarnations of evolve cannot support our plug-ins.

my server runs with evolve fine, except for the odd error when using the menu. aslong as you just update all your files to gmod 13 you will be fine.

We’re using the latest version and our server is coming up with errors… It would help if we could have a copy of your lua/ev_menu/tab_ranks.lua and see if there’s any discernible difference with our own? It would help a lot…

Or you could tell us the errors.

Currently the server won’t start. Missing shutdown function for xxx

My tab_ranks is standard so should be the same as your own unless you have tryed to change it and went wrong there. otherwise find where the error is coming from : file and what line and see what doesnt work or post here and see if a member of facepunch would help you.