TTT server errors urgent help

Since a couple of days I’m getting an error in my ttt server that has been running for a year without any problems. Pastebin that are the errors I get. I receive them when i try to install anything extra in the (addons) server. If i remove something and then add something new its fine but if i add something and don’t remove anything its giving the errors again. I have no clue what causes this and have already tried deleting some newly added addons but still no solution.

I’m pretty sure this means you have hit the lua limit.

Like Nick said, you have too many lua files. Try removing some unnecessary addons or combing mutliple lua files into one (not recommended).

Thanks for your comments!
Is it possible to make the lua limit larger?

It’s freaking huge I still don’t get how people are hitting this limit inefficient code or lots of redundant code.

It seems insane that people hit the limit especially on ttt on a custom game mode fair enough but on ttt that seems ridiculous to me, I would strongly suggest doing a tidy up of redundant lua files.

Of you have wiremod (but you’re on TTT so you shouldn’t) or pointshop 2 those have massive amounts of lua files, maybe look for some kind of alternative. No you can’t raise the limit.

Total of 60 addons and like 15 of that are models (don’t know if they are big) like 20 weapons and rest are other things.