[TTT] Server freezing

Hey, sometimes, my GMod TTT Server is just freezing.
I need to force the screen to close (I’m on linux) and restart it afterwards.
Anyone knows what could be the issue?

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If any information are needed, just tell me. I just did not know which information you want to see.

Have you tried removing all your addons and seeing if it still happens?

It’ a bit hard for me to test this, because I would loosre lot of players.

It happened to us, just close the server down for like a hour and say you’re in maintenance mode, or do it when no one is on. Players would much rather have the server down for a hour, instead of every 10 minutes.

Seems to be fixed. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=german&id=253737047 was causing the problem… hopefully :3

It was not this weapon, sadly. I will try removing all addons and install them step per step.
I will post the result here, when I found the issue.
I think this could help many people.
For the mean time, is there a way to check when the server is freezed, to restart it afterwards?

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Using screen and I’m on linux.

There are many things that will freeze srcds without actually crashing it. You’ll have to find what addon it is.

Seems like the deathfaker was causing the freezes. No freeze since remove.

I was thinking about a script on linux, which checks if the screen for the ttt server is freezed and automatically close this screen and run the start script again.
Does anybody have experience with such a script and can tell me how to do it?

LGSM - LinuxGameServerManagers automaticly reboots if theres any sign of the server freezing crashing, just look for it, I use it and I love it, its so easy to setup any kind of server with it.

Heard of it. I think I will finally try it out, thanks! :slight_smile: