TTT Server Hosting Problems

Hello, I’m having some problems with a TTT server I’m hosting. This server is not hosted on my computer, but is hosted elsewhere. I just have access to the menu and whatnot. So, everything is working EXCEPT for the fact that the server is changing maps every few seconds. I honestly have no idea why it’s doing this, so if any of you have experience with hosting a dedicated server, I would much appreciate some help. Post below with a possible fix or if you need more information.

EDIT: Sorry if this is too vague, but basically what I’m asking is if there’s some certain line I can put in the config file or something that will stop the server from changing maps every 5 seconds. Ask below if you need more specifics.

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Bump. Someone told me to put mp_timelimit 30 or something like that to fix it, but in which file? I really need some help, I think the solution might be retardedly easy and I might just not realize it.