TTT Server Hosting Requirements

Okay, so I have decided to basically run a TTT server from home… I make sure I take full advantage of my networking by making sure there are the bare minimum number of connections going in an out of my home network…
I have a good network speed in my opinion for running around 20 slots on this TTT server…

FastDL loads weigh down the connection right?
So I have all my content on the workshop in which the lua scripts on my server make sure every player that joins has them downloaded…
As for my loading screen its on a free server on or whatever and my website is on enjin… So basically I have this much network speed (minus some of that off due to typical networking communication)

Tester server is in Indianapolis and my location is near Cincinnati, Ohio:

I also put the srcds.exe process on the highest priority it will go in the process list of the system.

As far as router… I went into the (QoS) Quality of Service menu, and added the SRCDS application entry upon port 27015 (server port) to 27015 and put on HIGH PRIORITY…
and I make sure when I host no one but my computer is on the network…
Also I added maximum priority for Ethernet Port 1 (The cable hooked from router Ethernet port 1 to my computer)

System Specs:
8 Core CPU running at 4Ghz
16 GB DDR3 ram @1600mhz
Samsung 840 pro series 128gb
and a quality motherboard with ethernet support of up to a 1000mbps so motherboard cant hold me back exactly

So any opinions on whether this would work okay?

Uh, according to you, you have like the best PC in the world, so you should be ok.

Well yeah, but I mean obviously hardware isn’t a concern the internet speed is :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you internet speed is good enough.