TTT Server is crashing

i have a problem with my TTT Server.
Sometimes it crashes, ca. 0-3 times per day.
The connection will be lost and i must restart it.
I found these 4 crashreports on my server:

Maybe someone can help me.
Thank you!


Update your gamemode to the latest svn from BKU’s site. Fixed mine. This is probably the body spasm glitch.

Will be there problems with addons if i update?

Do you install addons via workshop/addons folder or directly to the terrortown gamemode folder?

I installed them directly to the gamemode folder.

Then yes there will be issues. To avoid this kind of problem, SWEPs can be installed to addons/addonname/lua/weapons/weapon_ttt_namegoeshere/shared.lua, etc. You can move any custom SWEPs to such a folder, but direct modification of gamemode files would need to be redone. This is all under the assumption the gamemode version is the problem. You can add -condebug to your command line and review your console logs from the time of the crash the next time it crashes to check for lua errors if you believe it might not be the body glitch.