TTT Server Issues, Timer stuck at 00:00, Karma not showing on Score Board

I’m helping “fix” a TTT server for my friend. As of now the Timer for the rounds is showing “00:00” all the time. Also Karma refuses to show on the scoreboards (it is enabled).

I have only basic knowledge of programming and little to none of lua. I don’t have any errors or anything to help you lua-savy people out there sorry!

Any help would be appreciated.

(Simply resetting the server to it’s defaults is not an option sadly)

Had the same issue, came to the same place.

Also, I don’t know if the same problem is showing up with you but after someone dies, they immediately go to “Spectating” on the leaderboard. It can really spoil the game. I’ve actually seen some servers with this fixed but can’t seem to find the problem :confused:

Update your server! You are running an old build.

Worked! Thank you!

This was the issue! Thanks.