TTT Server issues

Now about… 4 months ago I ran a TTT server, but I eventually moved on from that and hosted a Post-Apoc RP for a while, then switching over to Green Shift, etc. A couple of my friends and I wanted to play TTT again, so I loaded up cs_office, and my server was bugged. Very bugged. Me, and anyone on the server couldn’t switch weapons unless fast weapon switch was on, and no weapons spawned on the default CS:S maps like they used to. I tried updating my TTT but I knew it was already at the most current version (v28), and that didn’t work. Anyone know how to fix this?

remove ttt.
get new ttt.

If that doesn’t work reinstall the gmod server

It’s a listen server, and I tried removing/re-downloading TTT. And re-installing the server is re-installing my whole garrysmod.