TTT Server Lag

At the beginning of every TTT map on my server, after pre-round, my server lags for a few seconds. It only happens before the first round begins. All other rounds start smoothly. The server is fine with no lag, but as soon as the preparing timer hits 00:00, my player freezes and I get the auto-disconnect message in the top right corner for a few seconds before gameplay returns to normal. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I’ve tried installing a fresh version of TTT, re-validating CSS files, removing all addons to see which one causes it (I removed one small group at a time). I looked at the .mdmp crash file it creates, but it’s not much help. The console history log only shows addons being loaded, and then it says [ADDING] and something about CSS. That’s what made me think about re-validating CSS, also.

TTT Always had this…“Issue”, but it never disconnected anyone…It’s like a little stuck when it roll the detectives, traitos and innocents

I’ve played on other TTT servers and it’s never had this issue. It’s not just a small “barely a second” lag. It’s like 3-6 seconds usually, and occasionally, people get kicked for SteamID ticket authentication failed or something.

It’s been a while since I’ve played TTT, but it happens for me on most/all servers. Not actual disconnects, but the lag spike.

May depend on the hardware you’re running. Specs? Host?

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is it a VPS, dedicated, or is it just a gameserver?

It’s dedicated from NFOServers. I used a different host with more RAM and more cores, and it still lagged.

Cores don’t matter since SRCDS isn’t multithreaded inherently.

I have the same problem. No fixes?

It’s odd your only seeing this on the first round.

Ttt often has a point of “lag” when the round starts, if your rates are set too low.

Never really looked into why so much data is sent at the start of the round as it hardly affects my server at all. But there does appear to be a fair bit more than what you would expect.

try making its priority set to “high” as the Valve Wiki said about SRCDS.

You may have a script that is hooked to OnPlayerInitialSpawn that is taking a while to process.

That would explain why it’s only happening on the first round.