TTT Server Lag

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

  1. TTT does have some major prediction errors due to lag compensation issues.
  2. Crazy physics crash can partially be resolved by this:
  3. Set the tickrate to 33.

Hi I all ready have the rag-doll remover on my server yet sometimes the rag-dolls still manage to crash it.

Put your tickrate in the command line.

Tell me if this looks right. (Removed)

Why not just put those in your server.cfg instead of your startup parameters?

I had put it in the server.cfg and after a full reboot the server was still running at 66 ticks.

But from what I have now read it has to go into the servers boot command line.


I know you are well respected on the forums. But I hope you know the difference between the server.cfg and command line start up.

I got confused because you can put those values in the server.cfg for TF2 and L4D servers, but not CS:S and GMod.