TTT Server Lua file needed

I want to replace the HUGE with the MP5. Any lua file for that?

Just go into the Huge file and change the ammo/name/model.

Just remove the file for the HUGE and create one for the MP5?
If you do just overwrite the HUGE file, you should also rename the file to prevent issues.

Do not rename the huge’s file, keep it the same so that the mp5 will spawn in place of the huge.

Yeah, but if you ever needed to spawn the mp5 you’d need to call for the HUGE. Why not just make a separate file? Most maps have random weapon spawns or you could even rearm the map with your mp5.

Code and Stalker are right, but I don’t see the purpose other then some maps having a specif spawn for the HUGE.

Because nobody will even see that it is called weapon_ttt_sledge since it doesn’t say it anyway other than damagelogs. Which only admins will see so it doesn’t matter too much.

Thanks guys.