TTT Server Map wont change, anyone know how to fix this?

Hey guys, I recently bought a TTT server (Gmod) and I’m having a problem with it, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don’t know where else to ask for support other than the Gmod forum.

The problem with the server is that it wont change maps naturally. For example, the map is set to ttt_lost_temple, when the rounds are over it just goes back to lost_temple and restarts the round to 6 (as opposed to going through the map cycle). I have a mapcycle.txt under Garrydmod/Garrysmod with the list of all of the maps downloaded on the server. If I go under ULX, all the maps are there fine and I can force change or vote to them. So the problem is that there is something wrong with the map cycle, i’m not sure what it is and its quite frustrating.

Thanks for reading!

Wrong forum.

Check files for typos, delete maps that aren’t of need.
Other than that I do not know.

Better have a vote system anyway