TTT Server not listed when empty

Hello all,

not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I couldn’t find an Information about this problem.

I have a running TTT server which I recently rebuild using LinuxGSM. I got curious since nobody did join it for a week, since before that I had at least a few random players every day on it.

As long as the server is empty, it doesn’t show up in the server lists (neither the fancy one nor in the legacy browser). As soon as I join it and open the browsers, it gets listed.
I seriously have no idea what might be the cause of this problem.

The servers IP is
The servers name is “Scheissverein - Neuer Server. Ideen, Vorschlaege und Kritik erwuenscht”, although it gets shortened to “… Kritik erw”

Any help is highly apreciated.
Also the server is running on a virtual root server, so I have full control over it.

shortened the server name to “Scheissverein - Neuer Server. Vorschlaege und Kritik erwuenscht” so it doesn’t get runcated. Didn’t affect the problem.

I might be wrong here but I’ve seen this happen before and I think this is the reason:

The server list only shows a certain amount of servers. I don’t know how they’re decided but I think it’s probably the closest servers to you. When you look at the serverlist you’re not seeing every server, just X amount that are closest to you. Servers that are full obviously take priority over those that are empty.

When your server has players on it has higher priority and so is displayed on the list.
When it doesn’t have any players, it gets lower priority and will be displayed with the other 0 player servers.
If there are a bunch of 0 player servers that are closer to you, they will take priority and your server won’t be displayed at all.
This probably varies though depending on where you live. Players who live closer to where your server is hosted than you do may be able to see it when it is offline even if you can’t.

Thanks for the help.
Unfortunately I don’t think this is the problem.
I can see servers that are way further away from my location, are empty and have far worse ping than mine. I understand, that the server is not on the top, but with over 2500 servers found I should at least see it when searching for it.

The server list first lists all non empty servers, then it lists all empty servers.

Yes, I know that. The point is, that it the server does not get listed at all.

Because your server isn’t high enough in the empty server list before it gets cut off.

I’m not sure what decides their order in the list. If the other empty servers have more ping than yours does from your location, then it’s probably ping to the valve master servers instead that decide which ones get included.

That sounds like a reasonable explanation. Does anyone know of a trick to improve the servers latency, except from moving to another hoster?

Nope, you’ll either have to move hosts if it bothers you that much or just ensure there’s always either you or other people on the server so it appears with the other online ones.