TTT Server Pointshop

Hey i think this is the right forum cause im not coding my own stuff but i appreciate your help and please tell me if i should have this in the lua forum

I recently made a TTT server just for me and my friends to play on and i wanted to get a pointshop for us to get weapons we want easier so i tried adding them they show up but you wont get it if you buy it nothing will happen i wanted them to be free and i didnt want them single use and i wanted it for certain ranks please help

the pointshop item file:

where i got the pointshop:

where i got the weapons:

all help and or tips for fixing this are greatly appreciated and also i have a problem on the server where it cant make things props you will see it but you cant interact with it you will just walk right through it so please help with this and thank you

I’m pretty sure those are not TTT compatible items.
TTT uses a different base from sandbox, so most TTT weapons will have either TTT in their workshop name.

Also if you want it for a certain rank only, use ITEM.AllowedUserGroups

thats only if i want them to auto spawn it should work if i spawn them from the pointshop but im gonna go test by spawning it in using the give command so ill get back to you on that

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ok i could not give myself the weapons so could you help me try to find an addon that add the same weapons that work with TTT

Haha, hello again. Most of these guns are already in a pack. Heres a link of some( I recommend the first link.)

If you want to add them to pointshop, Extract the packs(Using gmad extractor). Edit the weapons to not be spawned automatically. Then since there already using TTT’s base all you have to do is just make the pointshop script for them

Ohh and the first link has a few extra guns, like the hl2 pistol, smg :slight_smile: If you dont want them, when you extract them. Then just delete their file

well i know a server that uses a pack i want but the owner obviously wont tell me it is there i way i can get it without the owner tellling me also i am gonna use the one you just gave me until then

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like finding the same one he uses

Ehh, if its from the workshop obv. you can. If not nope. Unless he give’s you the files from his servers xD

I’m sorry if this is rude but I am having a terrible time understanding you.
Do you want it to auto spawn or be a workshop only item?
If you want a certain weapon, search for it. It can be from gamebanana, steam workshop, or even

Also, don’t steal weapons from other servers.
If you see a weapons that is from the workshop and you like it, good. But don’t take everything they have and put it on your server…

i want one simple gun pack cause i want a pump shotgun

Just search for a TTT compatible one! Just download this, extract the files, and find the pump shotgun simple as that!

Here are some single weapons, doesn’t include pump shotgun though.

it didnt work in the pointshop pls tell me whats wrong with this

Faceplam Most likely it doesn’t use the TTT gun base… If it does then it should work. You can’t simply change the base on most guns. I’ve did it before to test, it works for me.

it works now i used gmad to extract the wrong one ok so this is solved how do i change it

How do you change what?