TTT Server Problem - PLEASE HELP!

So, I started up my own dedicated server for TTT, and everything is running perfectly. I put on a few mods, like Evolve and a simple map voting system. These two are the only ones I’ve encountered a major problem with. When you join the server, this is what comes up in console:

What I noticed is that in the two client LUA files of these plugins, they both have a ‘require (“datastream”)’ line in the beginning. This ‘datastream’ file is supposed to be in the lua\includes\modules\ folder, which originally there was not. After copying a database.lua code and putting it in its appropriate spot, it still doesn’t work. Does anyone have any ideas? Post below with a fix or if you need more info. Thanks!

Bump. Please, I need help with this. This is the second thread I’ve made on here and received no help.

I had this on my ttt server to. Do you have Counter Strike:Source mounted to the server? Did you try different maps?

Please don’t say such things when you clearly know nothing about this.

Your version of evolve is outdated. Datastream was removed in GMod 13.