TTT Server Problem

There are no errors in console and following things are happening:
-Living people can hear dead people in voice chat
-You can’t see your hands on your gun
-When you are walking it makes you jump around and won’t let you switch weapons
-you do not spawn with a crowbar, magneto stick or holster

I have already tried updating the gamemode

What could be causing this? Here is my addons folder:

Have you tried removing some addons and trying?

Yes I have tried removing a few of them but nothing has changed.

Any errors when you enable condebug?

Have you tried removing them all?

I removed all of the addons and it is still not working

Are u using any Leaked scripts?

No, I removed all my addons. nothing changed.

Aside from the addons in the list, what about workshop items (detaching your steam collection from the server) and booting it up without any steam workshop items or addons). Pretty much stripping you down to gamemode only. If so. then it has to be something that may have been modified within TTT itself. (Try a refresh copy of the gamemode).

If it is happening without addons, then there is something wrong with your base gamemode and code; this doesn’t happen by default.