TTT Server Setup Help (Workshop Client Downloads)

Hi all.

So basically, I’m trying to set up my own Trouble In Terrorist Town server and I’m having some trouble with regards to Workshop addons. I’ve played a few TTT servers recently, and they all seem to force the client to download custom maps/models ect through the Workshop, saving server bandwidth. I’m attempting to host a server from a home computer and so it would take hours for addons to download straight from the server, which is why I want to use the Workshop instead.

I’ve followed the tutorial and video found here:
And I’ve created a “test” collection on the Workshop which contains the “nomad” weapon. I’ve also added the “+host_workshop_collection” and “-authkey” to the SRCDS.exe
Upon joining the server, it appears to download the custom content directly from the server as it takes a while and says nothing about the Workshop or mounting addons. Once that’s done and you’re in the server, the weapon shows up as an error.

I’ve also read about adding the “resource.AddWorkshop()” lines in lua/autorun/server but I am confused. Am I supposed to add these as well as the “+host_workshop_collection” command line? And also, the help page on this lua function says “just make them download the current map.” How would I go about doing this? Am I reading too far into this, or is getting the server to use Workshop addons downloaded from the Workshop servers a very hard task?

Thanks in advance!

Say you want players to download "Freemans Model-a-day pack.

You get the id ( 105517405 ), make a lua file in lua/autorun/server/yourfile.lua

then add this

resource.AddWorkshop( "05517405" )

This can be repeated multiple times in the same file, you could have

resource.AddWorkshop( "05517405" )
resource.AddWorkshop( "anotherid" )
resource.AddWorkshop( "moreid" )

People will then download and mount the addon when joining your server.

Thanks for the reply! So I understand that the addons you specify in lua/autorun/server using “resource.AddWorkshop” are the addons which the players must download.

So do I still need to create the Workshop collection and add it to the “host_workshop_collection” command line in my server or will just using the resource.AddWorkshop add the mods to the server as well as forcing the clients to download?

I’ve also found that there are a few mods such as PointShop, ULX and a couple of maps that are not in the Workshop. Would I need to use DropBox and FastDL to add those to the server?

Thanks again in advance!

resource.AddWorkshop() will do just fine. You can add the individual items of the collection that way.

You do not need to add pointshop or ULX to your FastDL as they are serverside addons.

The maps will need to be put on a webhost of some description, I suggest just buying from a web host.

You need to use both. The resource.addworkshop is for the players. The +host_workshop_collection is so your server can actually host the addons itself.

Oops sorry! I thought he was just talking about forcing clients to download things.

Yeah, unless you want to manually insert your models and materials into the root folder of your server, you need to do the collection thingo

You could just get gmadconv and right click the addd on make lua file for you

That’s for FastDL; different than workshopDL.

Okay, things are becoming a lot clearer now! So basically, I make a collection of mods on the Workshop and do the whole “host_workshop_collection” command line stuff to add the files to the server. Then, in lua/autorun/server I need to make my .lua file with the “resource.AddWorkshop” functions with the same Workshop addons, so that the players connecting to my server download the files.

With regards to things like ULX and Pointshop, I’m guessing they just stay in the Addons directory of the server itself. And maps need to be hosted by a FastDL host like Dropbox?

You got that all correct :slight_smile:

I would not use dropbox though due to a bandwidth limit; invest in a host.

Well, the server I’m running is just one for me and a group of friends to play TTT every now and then. Ideally, I’d like to use the Workshop for all of the custom content that the server requires.

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to make Poinshop recognise playermodels from the Workshop. Any ideas on that?

I’d personally just manually extract the playermodels from their .gma’s and make it something that is downloaded over FastDL.

Best idea is to use FastDL. You can’t rely on the WorkShop Download for everything. You can’t supply every map on it nor can you easily force people to download small files like a weapon icon.

He could. The only thing he’d need FastDL for would be for legacy addons or things that pointshop use.