TTT Server shutdown after Map Change

I have a new Garry’s Mod Server. On my old server after the rounds the map changed everytime without kicking everyone from the server.
Now, on my new server everyone will be kicked if the Map changes.
Does anybody know how i change this? Its really annoying -,-

PS: I found out, that I have to use this changelevel NAME instead of this map NAME, but where can I change this?

Change what? Are you using FastDL or WorkshopDL?

I am using FastDL and if the Countdown of Rounds is 0, everyone will be kicked with the notification: “Server is shutting down”.
After this you can rejoin instant

Are you using a custom mapvote addon?

No. Not on this server, but on my old i used one and there changes the map without problems

TTT shouldn’t be using “map <mapname>” instead of “changelevel <mapname>”, but if you want to edit line 746:

if switchmap then
      timer.Simple(15, game.LoadNextMap)

so that instead of running game.LoadNextMap() it takes the next map and runs the console command “changelevel <mapname>” then that would fix it (in theory)

But it shouldn’t be happening anyway, and it’s really weird that it is