TTT Server Stabibility and optimization


I’m running a Touble in Terrorist Town server on a dedicated (single core)I7 6700K.

I have a lot of addons running on my server with also a lot of pointshop items

Workshop collection:
Screenshot of models and addons:

Can people point out any tips or resources so I can get rid of addon or which ones are the most cpu intensive ones, Any tips really to help stabibility and optimization for a 32 man TTT Server?

Oh and its running on 66 tick


Lower it down to 33 tick. You don’t need that much physics simulation on a TTT server.


Anything else I can do do help stabilize/optimize my server?

Try using this.

Other then that make sure the core is actually reporting a clock speed of 4Ghz or higher and not downclocking for any reason.


Ive heard bad things about how spec dm lags, Are there any addons I should stay away from adding?

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My server provider sayas its a dedicated core, I can only see usage on tcadmin

It may be a dedicated core but that doesn’t mean it’s clocked at 4Ghz. Throttling/downlocking can occur for a number of reasons and unless you have RDP or SSH access to the node you’re not going to be able to tell.

As far as addons go use FProfiler as mentioned above.