TTT Server Start Weapons

How would I make it so that at the beginning of every round, superadmins or some other group can spawn with a physgun?

Hook PlayerSpawn, iterate all players using player.GetAll(), check their user group and use ply:Give(whatever) if they’re the right group.

-- Serverside
hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "GivePhys", function( ply )
   if ( ply:IsSuperAdmin() ) then
      ply:Give( "weapon_physgun" )
end )

Pretty sure TTT disables the physgun.

They could mean the Gravity Gun, as it has the same view/world model. You can spawn that using ply:Give( “weapon_ttt_push” ).

Why would iterate since playerspawn parce the player spawned

I completely forgot that was how PlayerSpawn worked. Yeah, all you need to do is hook PlayerSpawn, check if the provided ply is of the right group and give them an item if they are.