TTT Simple HUD

All credits goes to (Beast) for making this.
He public realesed it on Coderhire forums :
Im just realesing it here because there are more people on Facepunch then Coderhire forums.

Did you even ask him whether you could post this?

Regardless of it being free, a lot of people don’t take kindly to people posting their work in places when they’re not aware.

Not to mention, do you REALLY think this is worth a thread, like, come on. This takes two minutes to make.

Yes it take if you know how to change the pos etc it takes 2 minutes then. If you are new to lua it would take longer time to repos it to look like this.

This Sub-Forum is generally for quality content. This is not even close to that.
If people needed help making a ‘Simple TTT Hud’, they can find the millions of others on the internet, but this specifically does not deserve to have a thread, more a less since it isn’t yours, and it’s a 2 minute throw-together.

You could at least spend some time positioning the text correctly.

Isnt mine… Contact Beast if you want to say things like that. It is his HUD

That’s why you let him post it, not you.

No hard feelings…
But Its nasty to look at.

And we have Koolaidmini, being negative on every little thing he sees on the forum
@Hud, nice work. Looks clean

I prefer the regular one instead of this.

There is a very noticeable difference between ‘being nice’ to someone, and completely lying to someone. Yes, it’s wonderful if you are literally just learning Lua, but this is FP, land of the Self-Riotous Overly-Confident Ass-Hats. For example, I feel as if I fit in. This kind of stuff ain’t cuttin’ it, specifically for the general high quality scope this section usually has.

Why would anyone want a HUD that’s worse than the Vanilla TTT Hud? It’s like, Hey you have a nice corvette, you should replace it with this 96 Chevy Cavalier.

Why even post if it’s not yours, you don’t have permission, and it’s bad quality?

All though I do agree with your point, I think it’s just for the people who don’t have any money to purchase a decent one. It’s just a different one to the original.

Finally someone understand the point why Beast made this…

He still could of made a HUD that was a lot nicer and still free. The one here looks like boxes, and nothing else.

He could have at least asked permission first. And maybe it’s just me, but the default HUD is better. Anyone who knows the smallest bit of lua can make a better quality HUD in a couple of hours.

It’s still not yours.

Yeah I know, but people without any knowledge of glua, can’t really do it.