TTT Sleeper Traitors

After all traitors die, a random innocent becomes a “sleeper traitor”, who might have already proven himself by killing traitors earlier. Compatible with Hitman.

Incompatible with anything that modifies win conditions.

So, it delays the round until everyone is dead? I don’t really see the point in this. Sleep Traitors kinda sounds like it’d be cool but when you actually make it, it seems useless.

It’s something different and new. What’s useless is calling something useless. Delay implies there’s a lack of an objective where it seems as though it becomes a difficult task. You’re on your own, you’ve got only your already existing reputation to keep you up and you’ve got to finish the job of everyone else.

It’s just as though there was always x number of traitors and just not all of them had read they were traitors yet :slight_smile:

It only assigns one sleeper traitor in a round, after he dies the round is over. The point of this is to throw a new layer of paranoia in, because somebody you learned to trust, suddenly could be a traitor.

Oh okay. I didn’t understand completely. This sounds like it could be something fun to try out.

Sounds great, like you say It’ll add that extra bit of paranoia into the round which I think will be refreshing. Good work!

The code looks really nice and well documented, I do however recommend localizing your functions as there is no need for them to be global.

It’s funny you say it’s well documented, because the only comment I made was about me breaking something :v:. The entire WinHook() code is essentially the vanilla TTT win conditions, slightly modified in order to prevent the game from prematurely ending the round (by making it wait for sleeper_active to become true).

btw, functions are localized now, thx for hint.

update: Prevented Detectives from becoming sleepers.

Sounds interesting and fun but is there a workshop version?


Download the project, throw it in garrysmod/addons, its that easy

how many people do i need miminum? and is anything i need to change?

You can just drag and drop this into addons, it’ll work just fine as long as you don’t run anything that modifies winning conditions. You need a minimum of two innocents alive for the addon to have any effect, e.g. if there is only two players and the traitor is killed, the last player won’t become a traitor. I initially had some plans for adding some cvars for minimum players and a random element to it, but kinda lost interest in it. If you find to enjoy it, I might think about adding those in when I find the time for it.

Exho has introduced a few changes to how the addon behaves. In order to have sleeper traitors a minimum of 8 players is required (configurable by cvar). Furthermore there is only a third chance now that there will be a sleeper traitor at all(also a cvar).

why did you revive this dead thread

why are you upset at someone for asking a perfectly valid question

Do not you add a cvar in the number of live players?

Yes, there is a serverside cvar, which controls how many players are needed minimum in order for the addon to become active, “ttt_sleeper_minplayers”, which is set to 8 by default (= 2 traitors), if that is what you are asking, but pardon me, I struggle to capture the essence of your question.

I mean, the number of surviving players.
sorry for bad English