TTT Special Equipment Bitflags - What's the highest?

Currently, I’m modding a weapons pack for TTT, which will add, a maximum of, 16 store items.
So that it won’t (or has a less chance of) interfering with other mods, I put a 10-ID buffer between the four that exist in-game and the custom ones I’m working with.

The last one’s bit flag is rediculous (268435456). So, does anyone know what the highest equipment bitflag available in TTT is?

When I try to buy it from the store (which it DOES show up), it doesn’t do anything. No errors, no subtracting points, no giving. Just nothing.

Try printing a variable that holds the number

local var = 268435456
print( var )

Prints just fine.

What was that supposed to check? If the number was too large for the container?

Search powers of 2 on Google and get a list. As for the max, I dont know if one exists. Try asking on TTT’s forum:

Yeah, not sure if there’s an int max in Lua, but there’s some high number in C++ after which ints turn negative.