TTT Special Weapons Coder

I’m starting up a new TTT community and we’re looking for a coder to make some special TTT weapons and update some of the stock ones!

We’ll be an Australian community but if you live somewhere else and are interested feel free to contact me anyway!

I’ll give a rough description of what we’d like below, I won’t post actual features but contact me if you’re interested.

Weapon Updates
Stock Weapons
-Binoculars update.
-Radio Update
-Disguizer update
-Magneto Stick

Custom Weapons
-Poison needle
-Custom weapon we haven’t made a name for

Payment will be offered at $5 -$10 depending on the difficulty of the weapon/update or we can negotiate a price if you feel that isn’t fair.

If you’re interested in helping us out or are just interested in joining our community add me on steam or join our forums here.

Add me on steam, here is my coding advert: Lots of past work in that post.

There’s a thread for hiring threads like this, but you would know that if you had read the wiki that says “Read before Posting” …

I assumed that since this was the requests forum there wouldn’t be a certain thread for coder requests.