TTT Spectator Deathmatch not working for the life of me.

I’ve tried many versions, the one of Facepunch, the one on Github, and even leaks off Leakforums. I drop it in the addons folder and restart, and nothing. Same for ULX TTT. I’ve also tried Steam updating the server but it dosen’t work. I don’t know what to do to get SpecDM to work.

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I figured out why ULX TTT dosen’t work. Still confused on SpecDM.

We’ll need more than that. Got any errors in console or maybe an addon is conflicting with it?

For ulx ttt - take ttt_fun/admin/utility and put them in addons/ulx/lua/ulx/modules/sh
For SpecDM, take the version from or github, enter specdm_config.lua (or something among those lines) and configure it, drop it in addons and restart the server

Not getting any errors in console.

Here are my addons:

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I installed ULX TTT.

For SpecDM, what do you mean enter specdm_config.lua? I configured it but what do you mean enter it?

Here is my specdm_config.lua.

That’s good, now just put the folder in addons

It’s in my addons folder.

Ok… and is it working?


I did exactly what you did on my sv, and it works, only difference is my folder is called ttt_spectator_deathmatch

Is your game server on a linux machine?
Is it a normal rented game server? If so, it’s probably on linux.

Try renaming the folder so that it doesn’t include any uppercase letters, or otherwise it won’t work on linux.

EDIT: And if there are any files with uppercase names inside the folder, rename them as well.

Worked! Thank you very much.