TTT Spectator Mode Issue.

Hey, So after i updated my garry’s mod servers i noticed a very strange bug…When players die they just fly around like they are in spec mode but they can still talk to alive people through voice chat and text chat and if you have DNA on the dead person it’ll follow the person like their still alive…

Is there any way to fix this?

Make sure you have the latest most up to date TTT from the Garry’s Mod GitHub, if the error continues then check your server console for errors because a messed up addon is causing the issue. Also as a side note, moderators here don’t like it when you sign your posts.

Found the error, It’s fixed now.

Can u maybe tell me how to fix it ? i updated TTT over and over and it still happens to me… plz , thanks ahead …

It is definitely from an addon you have installed. Go through and delete one addon at a time till you find the culprit.

K i will try Thx ! …

Ok so i have been told this addon is creating this bug .

Advanced Body Search .

I have it as well so im removing it until the author of that mod will Fix . Hope i Helped People With The Same Mistake Like Ours.