[TTT] Spectator mode -> people like magnetised to the wall

so my problem is that if you are playing on my server and someone dies, and he spectates someone, the player that is spectated gets pushed to a wall to the north. It’s crazy
I have no idea what causes that.

What addons does your server have?

some guns, unstuck, acrash, aleks_server_rewards, awarn2, case, coinflips,commandlink,some models , pointshop, promotheus, ttt-scoreboard modification, ttt-spectator deathmatch(is not causing the error, i removed it and it still hapennd), ttt damagelogs, ulx,ulib,ultimatelogs,utime

Your best best is to simply remove each addon one by one and see which one is causing it, I would start with ‘unstuck’.

fixed thanks! Unstuck caused it, doesn’t work with TTT because a spectator spectates a player and the addon thinks the spectator is stucking within the player.