TTT Sprint Help

Hey! Sorry I’ve been posting so many questions!
I was wanting to create sprint for my TTT server and make the bind key to double tap ‘w’

Can someone tell me WHERE and WHAT exactly to put for this?
I’ve looked it up but it’s been a pain in the bum.

Thanks in advance

I take it you saw that product on Coderhire and want to make something similar?

You may want to give these wikipages a read, they should help you out:

When I played on a server it had double w tap for sprint thought it was cool. Also had problems comprehending this forum : (first answer)
Oh my I thank you for all the links this all seems so hard. I guess I could try to figure it out on my own >.<

Edit : Screw it im just going to buy it on :
Thanks for letting me know there was something like this on there that i could buy<3