TTT standalone?

TTT is a great gamemode, I was thinking of a standalone version! But I doubt anyone would make one anyway…
IF you know someone who’s good at making games please tell them about this thread.


There already is one, it’s called The Ship.

Personally, I think a separate TTT stand-alone would be a bad idea, and probably hard to make, although I’d personally support one if it was made.

A lot of TTT is dependant either on other source games, or Lua, which is made easy with Garry’s Mod.

the amount of shit that you can do with gmod is why ttt is successful

There’s another one called Cluedo.
Same concept.

Say, dark rp is a fun game, why don’t we make a standalone of that too?

And that 3rd most popular one too I guess, sandbox or whatever

oh wait

personally I think that TTT is successful because of all the customization you can do to the gamemode itself, at least when it comes to servers themselves doing well, not really much of a point making a standalone version unless gmod stopped being updated or something.