TTT Starter Pack

TTT Starter Pack

TTT Starter Pack is a collection of small scripts that are ideal for virtually any Trouble in Terrorist Town server. These scripts were created because I was getting mildly annoyed with the constant threads where people were requesting ‘examples’ on how to do basic modifications to their TTT server. This pack consists of two scripts - but I will add more in the future, if people like this - these are: an easily modified scoreboard and End-of-Round Music…
The Scoreboard consists of several few features, these include a new column that shows the player’s ULX rank, toggleable rounded corners, coloured player name and rank - also include a custom color property called “Random” which enables animated colour changing text.
The End-of-Round Music is most likely the simplest implementation of TTT End-of-Round music, allowing the editor to add new songs is no more than 5 seconds!
Both scripts have a wide variety of customizability, allowing you to easily make your server unique.


Q: How do I change the scoreboard’s image?
A: Simply modify the following file to your liking: ‘materials/TTTStarterPack/scoreboard_logo.png’! I suggest you keep the size to 180x180 to avoid distortion.

Q: What HUD is that and where can I get it?
A: The HUD is TTT Battlefield 4 HUD + Minimap and can be purchased from CoderHire, along with the rest of my scripts. Feel free to check them out here:

Here are some examples of what can be done with the TTT Starter Pack’s scoreboard:

Also, here is a copy of the config file:

starterPack = {} // Do not edit this!

-- Main Settings
    -- User Settings
	-- Follow this pattern to add a new group:
	-- {"ulxname", "Display Name", Colour Value},
	-- NOTE: "Random" as a colour value will make the relevant text animated.
	-- NOTE2: Do not create a new user below 'user'
	starterPack.ulxGroups = {
	{"superadmin", "Super-Admin", "Random"},
	{"admin", "Admin", Color(255, 100, 255)},
	{"operator", "Operator", Color(100, 255, 50)},
	{"user", "Guest", Color(255, 255, 255)}

-- Scoreboard Settings
	-- Main Settings
	starterPack.scoreboardEnable = true
	starterPack.scoreboardRoundedEdges = false
	starterPack.scoreboardBarColor = Color(50, 100, 255, 255)
	starterPack.scoreboardRankTitle = "Rank"
	starterPack.scoreboardRankSpacing = 55
	starterPack.scoreboardLogo = true
-- Sound Settings
	-- Main Settings
	-- To add a new sound file, simply modify the directory inside the quote marks
	-- If you want to add more, simply place the following text before the '}'
	-- , "change/these.wav"
	starterPack.soundFiles = {"change/these.wav", "change/these.wav", "change/these.wav", "change/these.wav"}

everything you can find in this pack is already on the workshop…

Yeah, but most owners are either to lazy to add most of this stuff or just don’t know how.

This is useless.


I threw this on my server, but changing the scoreboard image isn’t working for me - I’ve placed the image where the instructions tell me but when I view on my server, it gives me this:

Any ideas as to why? I can’t find anything in the script itself to direct to the image folder.

I don’t see how people can hate on something that’s free… This is just to make it a little easier for those who do not know Lua.

Fixed! Braden worked with me to create a resource.AddFile for it which sorted the issue. It works nicely - as a coding n00b, thank you for the help.

Same error as Selkie, please help.

Add Resource.AddFiles, this should fix the issue!

I’m sorry, but I’m not a programmer, you can make the code?
After I put the route.

I like what you’re doing here. However, I just wanted one specific thing in this pack and I had to download the entire thing to be able to use it.
Could you try putting them all into individual folders and putting a title to what they are, so the owner has the choice.

My suggestion is to make is so you can set how loud the music on on the endround music.

The same mistake as in the Selke help solve the problem. I’m not good at lua email me the corrected code.

Thats a hell of a bump bud.

-- Relative to materials directory, omit that

Where to insert this code, in this addon?

Yes, in something that looks like

if SERVER then
-- put it here

Otherwise just make your own If Server Then

I wanted to ask what the file in this addon.

Any file in lua/autorun

if SERVER then
-- put it here

Does not work, the picture is loaded, but does not work in the scoreboard. I need extended help on this addon.

This is a pile of shit. I made it when I was still learning Lua.
I’ll probably remake it, or do something similar, in the future.