ttt submode ideas - target and VIP


similar to “The ship”. every player is a traitor and have a target to kill. they also have someone hunting them down. if someone kills their target they gain money. if another traitor witnesses the killing or matches your DNA with evidence; then you lose money. if you kill someone whom is not your target you lose substantial amounts of money unless you were their target. however, to add to the confusion, a single anonymous innocent player is given the objective to kill all traitors before they all kill themselves.


one anonymous player is the VIP and must survive otherwise the traitors win. when a non VIP is killed and the body is searched a single random alphanumeric character in thier name is revealed. if the vip is killed the round ends. however the vip has a special ability up his sleeve. he can ping traitors. when the vip pings traitors (allowed once a minute) all players within the general vicinity of the traitor will turn red (visible through walls from VIP’s point of view. this would give an idea of where the traitor(s) is/are without giving the traitor away. if more traitors a closer together then the pinged area of red colored players would be larger.

I disagree with the VIP idea. Here’s my idea;

One player is the VIP.
At the start, there is 1 or 2 traitors.
When a VIP guard dies, they become a traitor.
The VIP must survive for 5 minutes.
Nobody knows who’s the traitor, obviously.
There can be NO traitor tests.
There is a VIP disguise for traitors.

This would be great. You bodyguard could be a traitor, or it could be the VIP! Or it could be someone hiding in a tower, aiming their sniper rifle at you, waiting until you notice them at the last second-

It would be a very fun and exciting gamemode.

you don’t respawn in TTT, so someone dieing and becoming a traitor would be quite impossible.