[TTT] T weapon only purchasable by one Traitor for round.

Hello facepunch! I have a problem, I can’t figure out how to make a T weapon purchasable for one traitor.

Take this for instance, there are four traitors, one of the traitors buys the T weapon, I would want it to disable that T weapon for any other traitor currently playing for the whole round.

I have no idea where to start either, some help on how to make this happen would be deeply appreciated.

EDIT: Would there be able to make this a simple function or does it need to get more deeper then that?

What you need to do is every round start set some variable to true. For example
[lua]uniqueTraitorWeaponBuyable = true.[/lua]

Then there is a function in Pointshop that you can check for that variable, to allow them to buy it or not.

You’d also have to set that variable to false once the weapon was bought.