TTT Tags Not In Correct Spot?

Any tips on this shit? I’ve currently got the Wyozi Tag-Editor from CoderHire and I’ve got a custom tag script for players sending messages.

This is the what the Wyozi Tag-Editor does;

It edits a player’s scoreboard tag, i.e color/tag, and their names as well.

This is my custom script;

It edits a player’s tag before they type a message (Not always rainbowz).

My problem is that the Wyozi tags aren’t under “Tags”. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks fine on Coderhire. We can’t help you since it’s a paid script and you can’t provide code, but if it follows the normal TTT scoreboard outline, change the number something[num]. Otherwise, contact the author.

Can you plz tell me the Color Code for the tag ?