TTT Team Fortress Classic Map Pack[/t] [t]

This is a work in progress for a map pack I am making for TTT.
Team Fortress Classic Reborn!

Exact same scale of the original map with everything in the same location (lights, flags, resupply objects, doors, elevators, signs). However, the maps have been re-textured and populated for a more Source engine feel! The point is to utilize the original scale and layout of the maps, optimize it, re-detail and re-texture it while keeping true to the scale of the original map. So far, here is what needs to be done.


  • Flag capturing / pickup / dropping is currently implemented and works for singleplayer testing.
  • Flag returns if left on the ground for 30 seconds
  • Original vox voice to notify of flag captures and flags taken
  • Lighting completed


  • Flag capturing is underway - Blue flag movement is finished, need to start red flag movement
  • Extra passageways added where the storefront wall textures were in TFC. Added some great elements for TTT
  • Original vox voice to notify of points captured or command point reset
  • Lighting completed

2Fort Completion Checklist:

  • Populate the map with props
  • 3D Skybox for endless world feel
  • Optimization

Avanti Completion Checklist:

  • A ton of optimization

Planned Development prior to Pack Release:

  • Finish the importing of Well and Casbah
  • Get Casbah to a Beta stage
  • Fill all four maps with props
  • Complete the 3d skybox for 2Fort, Avanti, and Well

Planned future development for TTT TFC Map Pack:

  • Rock2
  • Rats
  • Flagrun
  • Dustbowl
  • Hunted
  • CZ2

They feel a bit different, did you decompile the originals to do straight ports?

No, they were recreated from scratch. HL1 maps as far as I know don’t port to HL2, and rebuilding it always works out better anyway. The scale between 1 and 2 is different, which would cause it not to port well.

When I decompiled a couple HL1 maps, HL2 hammer wouldn’t open them. I got a couple of errors that just closed hammer when it happened.

You can port them to hl2 perfectly fine however, I have been doing it for 6 years now:

It’s just that if you are building them to be true to the originals, with the same sounds even, it feels weird to have hl2 textures and models. The art styles do not work well together.

Oh and your 2fort screenshots say Avanti.

Hah! I missed that.

My goal was to recreate them with the same design and feel but with a more modern feel (textures, lighting, etc). I’m going to try to decompile/port the original maps to compare my scales and layouts, and update them to use a modern feel with the same old layout.

If I fell short of that I’ll just cancel production. Wouldn’t be worth it.

For what it’s worth I think someone has ported 2fort already. Haven’t found other maps though. I planned on bringing some to tf2 but in the end I had no time for it.
Good luck on your work though, great things can come from those maps.

Source hammer cannot open .map files, after you decompile them you need to open them on a goldsource hammer, save as .rmf, and only then can you open them on a modern hammer.

Main post has been updated. Thank you guys for the help on how to import HL1 Maps.

I’ve decided to just redo the maps as a new feel, since others have ported the maps directly. I wanted to reinstitute the old TFC maps, but give them a more modern feel.

Though they’re imported, this has resulted in me almost entirely remapping it. However, having the decompiled version gives me the ability to “trace” the old map, ensuring the scale is the same and everything (signs, lights) are in the same position as the original.

2fort and Avanti are ready to play but need lots of work. I have started to work on The Well and Casbah. Once they are finished, I will release the 4 map pack while I create more.

Feedback highly appreciated.

That room in 2fort feels too grey, use a different wall texture to add some color.
Avanti needs a few more windows on the walls, besides that its good.